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"Chaos Theory" moves into mainstream vocabulary.

Everyone in the Middle East starts acting nuts.

Gulf War protestors shut down Bay Bridge.

SFMOMA Show: In the Public Eye: Four San Francisco Graphic Designers, featuring Michael Cronan, Michael Manwaring, Michael Vanderbyl and Gerald Reis.
West Coast Launch and First catalogue

San Francisco Examiner feature article by Mandy Behbehani, on the launch and philosophy of Walking Man.

Step by Step magazine article, co-feature with the clothing of NY designer Massimo Vignelli.

The Urban Uniform, WM Sweaters, The Great White Shirt, Walking Man Jerseys.
Pope visits San Francisco, purchases Great White Shirt. Thanks Papa.

General public begins to mistake "FUZZY LOGIC" for "Chaos Theory".
Two Bay Area women-Feinstein and Boxer-elected to US Congress. International Design Magazine Gold Product Design Award for entire Walking Man line in the consumer products selection, along with the Sony Handicam, Apple Powerbook, Nikon camera, and M&Co. watches.

New York launch, line presented in ICFF show at the United Nations.

Walking Man noted in the New York Times.

Walking Man featured in Mondo 2000 Guide to the Universe. And we continued to sell more and more stuff.

Travel Twill Trousers
Friday Dressing invades the work world, evolving into "Corporate Casual"

Graphical interface for World Wide Web introduced, beginning of Web fever.

New planet past Pluto discovered.

Apartheid ends in South Africa. 'Bout time!
Mary buys a car!

Things stay pretty much like 1992.
Showroom opens. More people find their way to than expected by a factor of ten.

International Design Magazine Honorable Mention: Origami Coat. Way to go!

Editorial ad series in Graphis magazine.

Cronan Design Art Shirts traded in Moscow for McDonald's Happy Meals.

Swiss Army begs us to use our logo on their knife, we finally say OK.
Barbie turns 35. Ken turns 32. World cup soccer in Bay Area. US loses to Brazil, July 4th at Stanford. (bummer) E-mail added: artefact1@aol.com. One small step for the robot culture.

Soft Suit introduced, finishing the WM line spectrum from entirely naked to completely dressed. First series created in wool flannel sells out immediately.

First fabric swatches mailed, evoking memories of Pat-the-Bunny for thousands.

Great White Shirt discovered in colors. (We used the term discovered correctly-you don't just create something this good.) People go absolutely crazy about them.

Walking Man featured in Iranian TV special!!
Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge world tour; term "Jurassic Rock" coined.

America goes on-line in a big way. America OnLine claims 6 million subscribers. 80,000 Web sites counted.

Crop circles discovered to be faked.

American novelist Thomas Pynchon gets his Web-due with the launch of the HyperArts Pynchon Pages
Opening SFMOMA'S new building, designed by Mario Botta.

UN celebrates 50th anniversary at United Nations Plaza in SF.

Jerry Garcia dies, leaving many in Haight-Ashbury to reevalute their travel schedules.

GWS appears in Dreyer's Ice Cream TV spot. (thanks, Miho!)

Warming to the task of bringing spectacular shirts into the world, the shirt goes Legendary and is introduced in nine hyperlicious colors. Followed by aforementioned broo-ha-ha.

How magazine article on Walking Man Which completely explains Why.

Term "Urban Uniform" coined in Oxford English Dictionary.

First visual proof of planets in other solar systems.

Faking of crop circles discovered to be a hoax.

Possible fossilized bacteria discovered in Martian meteorite. Yuk!
Willie Brown elected mayor of San Francisco.

SF Embarcadero renamed "Herb Caen Way".

Opening of new SF Main Library.

Redwood activists shut down the Golden Gate Bridge.
San Francisco Chronicle feature article, by Jerry Carroll.

Walking Man portfolio web site introduced.

Walking Man featured in Design at Large.

Even more Legendary shirt colors. New colors/fabrics for the Origami Coat.

Correction discovered in 1995 Oxford English Dictionary, term "Urban Uniform" moved to punctuation guide.
The film "The Full Monty" affects vernacular language worldwide.

Pictures from Mars

Star Wars re-release

El Nino, El Nino, El Nino
International bike messenger championships

Willie Brown proposes city hall be converted into corporate meeting center
Artefact moves WM HQ to new showroom.

English shirtings added to shirt collection

"The Full Origami" introduced: Origami suit

Wired "Origami Coat" write up by Paul Saffo

Graphis article "Cronan Dissolves the Threshold" by Ken Coupland
Figure skaters survive Olympics with kneecaps intact

Asparagus and artichoke shortage cramps California cuisine style.
Rampant rodent population predicted because of El Nino.

Movie multiplexes invade SF, starting with converted car dealership.
On-line WM catalogue

Linen collection designed for summer

Shorts and short sleeve shirts on the boards
Of course, everyone parties like its 1999.

Ken Starr ends phase one of his investigation.

New country discovered in South America.
Suddenly SF gets more sports stadiums than gas stations.

Nash Bridges gets rid of his yellow convertible for new VW Bug.
Women in Walking Man shirts all the rage: Shirt sales double as men race to replace the Walking Man shirts women have stolen from their closets.

Many new designs launched
Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson get back together.

Yahoo buys and renovates Romania.
City provides first space alien parking permit.

Mayor Willie Brown runs for president.
Urban Uniform chosen by UN as official clothing of the new millenium
Year 2000 computer problem never solved, everyone goes analog. SF mayor Willie Brown and Oakland mayor Jerry Brown join forces to bring old Cleveland Browns football team to Bay Area. First customer order from Mars filled, shipped via UPS (Ultra Planetary Shipping)