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Origami Coat
The Origami Coat. Change your mood as easily as buttoning your coat. Perfect for a stroll around the streets of New York or hopping boats in Venice. The generous cut and overlapping lapels make a substantial coat to wrap around yourself when cool, unbutton in stages as the day warms.


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Description :::: [ Sizes ]

The one coat to take with you for many of your travels. Doubles as a blazer and a light overcoat. Buttoned open, it can go to formal affairs with aplomb. Also very at home in business settings. Under the radar of being too wild or inappropriate, but more distinctive than anything found at Brooks Brothers. The overall design makes a very natty coat. The sleeves are designed to roll up or not. The pockets are cut at an angle so they're easy to get into and hold a ton of stuff, the inside pocket holds yet more. Lower seam "anchors" the coat, shoulder seams "frame" it, establishing the profile. The collar is designed to look great with all kinds of shirts. The arch of the sleeve is designed to capture warmth when it's cold outside and to ventilate when it's warm — this is completely true.

"The proportions are like a Chinese Mandarin jacket, which is very flattering, And the minimal approach transcends of-the-moment-fashion."
–ID 39th Annual Design Review,
Origami Coat Honorable Mention in the consumer products category.

100% wool gabardine

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Sizes :::: [ Description ]

Origami Coat Size Chart (Standard)
SIZE (adult) 0 S M L X
chest 32" 36" 40" 48" 48"
length 29" 311/2" 34" 361/2" 39"

Origami Coat Size Chart (Metric)
SIZE (adult) 0 S M L X
chest 81cm 91cm 102cm 112cm 122cm
length 74cm 80cm 86cm 93cm 99cm

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