Area 51original test area for Walking Man, our "Ground Zero".
Area 52new test site, we can't locate Area 51. (see "Chaos Theory" below)
Artefactfrom the Latin: arte, "by skill" + factum, "thing made". An object made by human work or art, especially by skilled artesans, for simple or practical purposes; something characteristic of reality, actuality, truth ("fact" as distinct from "fancy").
aspirin buttonsWalking Man signature shirt buttons, known as such for their aspirin-like appearance and their durable, smash-resistant ability to ward off headaches caused by over-enthusiastic dry cleaners. Two extra are sewn into Walking Man shirts for you to take and call us in the morning.
boxystrictly speaking, resembling a box. More loosely, un-tailored or tapered; roomy. Big and simple.
bourgeoisoriginally, a freeman of a medieval town ("bourg"). A self-employed person, as a shopkeeper or businessman. A person whose beliefs, attitudes, and practices are simple and practical. For some reason or another most revolutionaries want to hang them from lampposts. The revolutionaries at Walking Man just want them to dress better. (thank you, Joe)
challengea stimulating task or problem, as in "Challenge, Fury, Neatness".
chaos theorya really quite tidy and well-organized theory about everything being untidy, amorphous, unorganized and indefinite. But hey, it works!
Cirque du Soleila really quite tidy and well...oops, that's chaos theory. Actually, a fabulous "no animals circus" from Canada (really). Our long-time Walking Man action man (see opening image under "Looksee" button to your left) is Lorenzo Pizoni, born to the San Francisco Pickle Family Circus, now hosting the Cirque in Las Vegas. Last photoshoot, he brought along John Gilkey, also a former Pickle, now traveling as star host of Cirque's touring company. Look for him in the red Origami coat under "Catalogue". Play "spot the Gilkey", how many images of John are on the Walking Man site?(www.cirquedusoleil.com)
collarlesstechnically, without a collar above the shirt band. Also shirts that say "I don't need a collar to be wonderful". The perfect affectationless affectation. See the Walking Man Collarless Shirt under "Catalogue" button to your left.
cowl neckbefore 12th century, the cupped front of a soft cloak. Contemporary, a draped neckline designed to accommodate neckties and open neck shirts and avoid or provide cooling drafts. Look at the Walking Man Urban Sweater in "Catalogue".
createto cause to come into existence; bring into being; make; originate; especially to make or design using art, skill and invention.
crop circlesornate and especially precise patterns in standing crop fields. Yet unexplained phenomena; possibly a gigantic hoax or interplanetary coffee cup rings. Observed in many places in the world; especially in the farms of central and western England. None have yet been reported in cabbage patches, strawberry fields or amber waves of grain. People have taken up creating crop circles as a hobby. The "Chia" company is exploring the marketing of backyard kits.
environmentthe space around stuff. Your clothes provide the immediate environment around you. Place yourself in something that works.
epica long poem about heroes and legends. See "Legendary" below, and/or check out the Walking Man Legendary Shirts under "Catalogue" button to the right.
Flaubert, Gustave1821-1880 French novelist; pioneer and master of realist style of French literature; tried but acquitted on charges of rudeness for Madame Bovary (1857); also wrote La Tentation de Saint Antoine (1874), L'Education Sentimentalo (1869), etc.
Full Montyie, the whole thing. According to William Safire, the phrase is being spread around the world by the success of a low-budget British comedy-drama; "The full monty...don't think I relish the idea of pulling off my kegs and showing my lunch box to the world." Great soundtrack. Michael Quinion (clever.net/quinion/words) references a possible source of the expression as "Field Marshal Montgomery on parade with all his medals".
furyfit of inspired frenzy and exaltation, otherwise known as the creative process.
gabardine/gaberdineeither spelling correct, the term originates from a 16th century name for a travelling cloak. Gabardine is characterized by a twill, or diagonal, weave on one side of the fabric; more technically, it's called a "steep twill" because of the 63 degree pitch of the diagonal lines. A very durable fabric used for fine clothing.
guaranteepromise supported by action. Check ours out. Click on "Guidance" to your left.
heroa person admired for qualities or achievements and regarded as an ideal or model; an illustrious warrior; one who shows great courage and nobility; be a hero and somebody will write an epic about you, although you'll probably die in the end. (We all do one day, better as the stuff of legends...)
Hunanprovince in SE China. Also used to describe the hot and spicy (culinary 911) style of cooking native to the province. Please visit a Henry's Hunan in San Francisco for best example. No MSG.
interfacea plane forming the common boundary between two parts of matter or space. Also material sewn between the outer fabric and the facing to give your clothes more body and prevent stretching. Cool connection, eh? Also a computer use term possibly referring to nose smudges on the monitor screen.